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Committed to “Sophisticated Simplicity”, TiO is an entirely new approach to home automation driven by an “outside in” philosophy that focuses on the customer experience. Designed to be simple and intuitive, TiO truly adapts to the client’s lifestyle, unlike other home automation systems that force the user to adapt to the system. This philosophy guides every decision we make. In other words, TiO is all about you!

The real power of TiO is that it allows you to choose how the system interacts with your daily life instead of asking you to adapt to the system. Through a few simple steps, you can teach TiO how to best match your moods and preferences. Unlike other home automation products, TiO puts you in control. When your mood changes, the system changes with you. TiO is designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort, pleasure and peace of mind in your home.

TiO products will be sold exclusively through authorized dealers and are designed specifically to enable professional installers the flexibility to easily specify and scale systems to affordably accommodate the unique needs and demands of a variety of applications and environments.