Employers: Help Your Employees Save Energy and Money!

Employers of all sizes can help their employees to save energy and money at home, and realize benefits from doing so!

In addition to lowering monthly utility bills, freeing up income and lessening financial stress, employees living in energy efficient homes benefit from improved health, safety and productivity.  This is important for employers to help their employees live healthy lives, but also to support a more productive work environment, whether they work at home or in the office!  Some companies even incentivize home energy improvements to help improve the health and producvity of their workers!


HomeEnergyNC Workshop Available!

HomeEnergyNC has partnered with the Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative at Duke University to offer a hands-on educational classroom workshop that teaches employees how to save energy at home, and what benefits they and their employers can expect from doing so!

The workshop is led by a home energy efficiency expert that walks attendees through the benefits of energy efficiency, the improvements that homeowners and renters can make on their own, and how to make further improvements with contractors or financing programs.


Contact Us to Schedule a Workshop!

Contact us at 919-841-6207 or Info@HomeEnergyNC.org to talk about scheduling a workshop at your company.  

  • Workshops can be conducted all over the state.
  • Costs are low and paid for by the employer – contact us for details

DCOI Energy Workshop