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Home Energy in NC:  Here you will find helpful information on the impact of home energy efficiency in North Carolina.

  • What’s the size of NC’s home and building energy efficiency industry?
    • $3B+ in 2014 industry revenue = Largest sector of NC’s clean energy economy.
    • 1,200 companies across the state serving NC residents, businesses and institutions.
    • 15,000 full-time workers in our local communities.
  • How NC measures up compared to other states:
    • 3rd most home energy ratings (HERS Scores) in the country (RESNET).
    • 30th in the country for energy efficiency (ACEEE).
    • 2nd most solar installations in the country (SEIA).
    • 7th most LEED certified buildings in the country (USGBC).

2014 ENERGY STAR  Certified New Homes Market Share

  • NC had the third-most new ENERGY STAR new homes in 2014
  • 6,337 total ENERGY STAR homes in NC
  • 18.28 percent market penetration


Visit the ENERGY STAR website for a full interactive map.


  • NC is one of the fastest growing markets for clean energy solutions (NCSEA).
  • NC’s clean energy industry has grown by ~25 percent since 2012, reaching $4.8 billion in gross revenues in 2014, up $1.2 billion from 2013 (NCSEA).
  • In 2011, energy efficient homes in NC sold for a $5,500 premium and 90 days sooner than standard homes (NCEEA).
  • In 2013, 16,360 NC homes (32%) were certified for energy efficiency (NCEEA).