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Financial rebates and other types of incentives are excellent offerings by utilities, product manufacturers, nonprofit programs, local governments and others to lower the costs needed to participate in home energy improvement projects in North Carolina’s homes and buildings.

Looking for federal rebate and incentive programs? 

  • ENERGY STAR Rebate Finder: click here to find rebates from the ENERGY STAR program on appliances, homes and more.
  • did you know that improving your home’s energy efficiency offers tax incentives?

Looking for North Carolina rebate and incentive programs?

  • A great place to start is with your utility company!  Most NC utilities have programs that incent homeowners and renters to lower their energy usage to help reduce the utility’s peak energy demand requirements.
    • PSNC Energy: click here to see what rebates and incentives are offered.
    • Duke Energy Progress: click here to see the many energy savings programs offered to customers.
    • Duke Energy: click here to see the many energy efficiency programs offered to Duke Energy customers.
    • Electric Cooperatives: visit for helpful information and then contact your electric cooperative to see what rebates and incentives they offer.  Or, visit the DISRE website below to search for your cooperative.
    • Municipal-Owned Electric Utilities: visit the DSIRE website listed below to find programs with your local utility.
  • More information can be found at the NC State Cooperative Extension’s Energy Conservation Program website for a listing of many programs available across the state.

Looking for the latest information on available rebates and incentives?  Click on the website below for a state-by-state database of available rebate and incentive programs for both energy efficiency and renewable energy.  The website, named DSIRE, is a product of the NC Clean Energy Technology Center and used by millions across the country!