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Here you will find information to educate yourself and others on home energy opportunities, benefits and more! Below are a few common topics for North Carolina residents and businesses.  Click on a topic that best suits your needs!


Click here for helpful information on the benefits of home energy efficiency and what common energy saving improvements can be performed on your own or with a contractor!


Have questions about clean energy as a whole?  Wondering where energy efficiency, solar power, wind and other clean energy sources fit in?  Click here to find out!


Wondering how you or someone you know can afford to live in an energy efficient home?  Looking for the most bang for your buck, information on how to finance needed improvements or just simple, low-cost energy saving improvements?  Click here for helpful information.

HVAC Guide

Your systems for heating and cooling are some of the most important, most used, and can be one of most expensive maintenance items in your home. Click here to learn how making the right choices about your HVAC system can help you make real financial savings.




Home energy efficiency isn’t just good for residents… it’s great for the environment, too!  Click here to learn how saving energy at home helps to reduce carbon emissions, lower our dependency on fossil fuels and natural resources, and creates a more sustainable future for us all!


There’s many more benefits than just saving energy when you live in an energy efficient home!  Click here to learn about the other benefits that include improving your health, safety, comfort and more!


Looking for information on how local, state and federal building and energy codes take home energy efficiency into consideration?  Click here to find out their importance on what energy saving options new and existing homes can offer.

Crawlspace Contractor FAQ's

Have a problem with your crawlspace? Want to learn more about the crawlspaces? Find the answers to all Crawlspace related questions here


Looking to buy an energy efficient home?  Great!  There are some key pieces of information that you and your real estate agent should know before you buy!  Click here to learn about the value of key energy saving features, how to verify them and much more!



Selling your EE home?  Good for you… just make sure that the next one you buy or rent is also energy efficient!  For this time around, click here to learn how to make certain that your energy saving improvements, features and certifications are properly recognized in the sales process.  They could lead to a big increase in the sales value!

Modular Home Building

Not all homes are created equal… and that especially goes for these types of non-traditional homes that offer varying degrees of energy efficiency and performance levels.




Interested in the state and federal policies that help shape the home energy efficiency market in North Carolina?  Click here to learn how policies influence your home energy efficiency options, and what you can do to help advocate for greater energy efficiency in the future!


Considering a career in home energy efficiency?  Do you like DIY projects at home and helping others to save money and live better?  Click here to learn about the many options available to students, young professionals, working professionals looking for a new career, military veterans and many others!



Health Benefits

Learn home about how living in a more energy efficient home can benefit the health & well being of the occupants of your home.




Have questions about what specific words or terms mean?  Not sure about how ACH affects your home or what the “Stack Effect” is?  No problem!  Click here for a list of terms and definitions!