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Looking for help on how and why to make your home more energy efficient?  We’re here to help!  To get started, simply click on a link below for information created just for you.

Homeowners:  An energy efficient home offers you great benefits now and if you choose to sell your home in the future.  Click here for information on:

  • Simply DIY energy saving projects that will lower your energy bills and save you money.
  • Steps to perform an energy audit on your home, or hire a professional to do one for you.
  • Choosing the right energy-saving improvements to maximize your benefits.
  • And much more!

Renters:  Think that you can’t afford or aren’t able to make energy improvements in your rental home?  Think again!  There are many simple energy saving improvements that you can make, and some don’t cost any money at all!  Click here to learn how to:

  • Make simple, cost-effective energy saving improvements that your landlord will appreciate.
  • Change simple behaviors to save energy and money.
  • Talk to your landlord about making energy saving improvements that will improve the durability of your rental home.
  • And much more!

Youth & Students:  Interested in learning about energy efficiency and how it can benefit you, your family and the environment?  Click here for helpful information on:

  • The benefits of energy efficiency.
  • How to make your home energy efficient.
  • How energy efficiency and renewable energy (like solar power) work best together.
  • And much more!

Senior Citizens:  Looking to save money and lower your monthly costs?  Great!  Click here for helpful information on:

  • Simple improvements that you can make in your home to lower your energy usage and save money.
  • Hiring contractors to handle the more difficult and time consuming energy saving improvements that may be needed.
  • The health and safety benefits of home energy efficiency.
  • And much more!

Businesses:  Does your business operate from home, a remodeled home or an office building?  If so, many of the same home energy efficiency tips and benefits apply to you as well!  Click here for helpful information on:

  • Performing an energy audit at your business to identify the areas that need improvement.
  • Calculating the energy and money savings that your business could receive from simple energy saving improvements.
  • The “intangibles” of saving energy at work – the health, safety, productivity and other benefits that come with home energy efficiency.
  • And much more!