How Can I Lower My Energy Usage & Save Money With Solar?

Install Solar Panels  

  • Utilizing solar panels can offset your electric utility bill and save you money
  • Solar panels are generally maintenance free.
  • With solar you are locked into a stable energy rate for the duration of the life of a solar system (typically 25-30-years).
  • Solar Panels use power from the sun.  Reduce your reliance on electricity generated by fossil fuels, help to save the environment.


Install Solar Storage

  • Use your solar power by day, and utilize stored solar energy by night, further reduce your electric bills, save money and help the environment.
  • Storage offers stability/battery backup during grid outages.


Install an Electric Vehicle Charger

  • Combined with solar and/or solar storage, get closer to net zero and zero emissions when you charge your EV from your home.
  • Add this option to your home and be ready for the future and the growth of EV usage.


Helpful Links and Case Studies:

  • Cities like Tucson, AZ, Carbondale, CO and Chula Vista, CA have developed requirements or incentives for new homes to be “solar ready,” as installed costs of solar have decreased exponentially in recent years.
  • Solar for Low and Moderate Income Communities: A Guide for States and Municipalities
  • Solar basics for homebuilders: A breakdown of the benefits, designs, equpiment, and financing examples for a residential homeowner.