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Articles & Publications:  Popular reports, studies and more on home energy efficiency in NC and the US are provided here.

  • Report outlines why your NC electric bill is increasing (NCSEA).
  • 2013 study on the impact of EE certified homes in NC (NCEEA).
  • Economics, employees and environment keys to EE buildings in NC (USGBC).
  • EE as a low-cost resource for achieving carbon emissions reductions (EPA).
  • Low income energy efficiency programs reduce energy use and so much more (NRDC).
  • Owners of energy efficient homes are 32% less likely to default on their mortgage (IMT).
  • Energy Conservation Saves Pitt County Schools $256,000 (WITN).
  • Students Learn Hands-On About Energy Conservation (
  • Scholarly report that evaluates usage of energy products and adoption of new energy behaviors among homeowners (NC Cooperative Extension).

Click here to view “A Consumer Guide to Minimum Standards for Energy Efficiency”.

Click here for publications written by the North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance.

Click here for helpful publications provided by the NC Cooperative Extension Home Energy Management Program including:

  • How to select an Energy Auditor
  • Air sealing and insulation resources
  • Saving energy and money through energy efficient appliances
  • Energy saving tips for windows
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems