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People Who Save Energy make, sell, and install efficient products such as ENERGY STAR® appliances, build well-insulated homes, or offer energy-saving services such as weatherization. They are passionate about saving energy and how energy efficiency changed their lives and those around them.


Have you ever wondered how much more efficient and least costly a home would be if it were built inside like a car?  Here’s a video that speaks to just that!


To learn about the many benefits of energy efficient homes, watch this video from ENERGY STAR about how homes certified to the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes program’s standards are better than standard homes… in many ways!


Watch this video from ACEEE to learn how improving your home’s energy efficiency helps address the negative impacts of childhood asthma.


Want to learn more about ENERGY STAR homes?  Watch this video below from the North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance.


Interested in learning how your home’s energy usage compares to others?  Ask for a Home Energy Rating from a certified professional.  Watch the below video to find out how!


Interested in LEED certified homes?  Watch this video from USGBC on the benefits of LEED homes.


Watch the below video to learn about the benefits of air sealing including energy savings and improved indoor air quality.


Is this the world’s most energy efficient home?

Thermos-Like Passive Homes Aggressively Save Energy

Looking for more videos?  Visit the NC State Cooperative Extension’s Energy Conservation Program’s website for helpful videos on home energy efficiency.