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Help Your Employees Save Energy and Money!

Employers of all sizes can help their employees to save energy and money at home, and realize many other benefits from doing so!  In addition to lowering monthly utility bills, freeing up income and lessening financial stress, employees living in energy efficient homes benefit from improved health, safety and productivity. This creates a better home environment for employees, also reducing stress, sick days and more.  Employers benefit from healthier employees leading to a more productive work environment, whether they work at home or in the office!  Some companies even incentivize home energy improvements to help improve the health and productivity of their workers!

Employer Sponsored Workshop Available!

HomeEnergyNC has partnered with the Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative at Duke University to offer a hands-on educational classroom workshop that teaches employees how to save energy at home, and what benefits they and their employers can expect from doing so.  The workshop is led by a home energy efficiency expert that walks attendees through the benefits of energy efficiency, the improvements that homeowners and renters can make on their own, and how to make further improvements with contractors or financing programs.  This workshop was developed building upon DCOI’s experience with energy efficiency pilot programs and is offered to Duke employees as well as employers across North Carolina.

NCBPA’s Curt Hurd teaching the HENC workshop at Duke University in 2017

Workshop Format: The ideal workshop format is a 4-hour in-person setting at the employer’s office, providing easy access for employees to take a few hours off from work, have lunch and learn about the benefits of home energy efficiency.  Participants benefit from a 1 to 4-hour seminar that introduces the basics of how homes use energy, leads employees in strategic planning exercises to create a home energy to-do list, helps employees evaluate their decision-making styles to most effectively accomplish their goals, and provides hands-on opportunities to learn skills that will improve home energy efficiency. Skills training includes how to install simpler efficiency retrofits, how to analyze energy data, how to change energy behaviors, and how to select and work with contractors. All participants receive a Home Energy Efficiency manual to guide them in employing future efficiency projects from their to-do lists.

Participating Companies and Organizations:  The workshop is available to any company or organization, private, public or non-profit, interested in helping their employees save energy at home.  Its ideal for large companies that want to show support for their existing sustainability initiatives, local governments interested in supporting their city or county staff with energy efficiency education, or other types of organizations that simply want to provide hands-on education that benefits their employees.

NCBPA’s Abby Coulter teaching the HENC workshop at Sierra Nevada in June 2018

Workshop Costs:  Costs for the workshop depend on the length and location, but generally the host company will need to cover food and beverages, facility rental and of course, time off for their workers.  Instructor fees vary and costs for booklets and other resources may be paid by the host organization or local sponsors.

Click here for a flyer with more information on this workshop!

NCBPA’s Abby Coulter and Curt Hurd at the Sierra Nevada Workshop in June 2018

Watch this highlight video of our June 2018 workshop at Sierra Nevada to see how our expert trainers educate attendees on home energy efficiency!